Log Cabins for Rental Income

RV Park Log Cabins NC - Custom Log Home

NC Modular Log Homes – Log Cabin Home with Custom Floor Plans

If you love the idea of cabin living and want to turn that love into a real money-maker consider buying one or more of our custom, well-built cabins for rental property. We currently work with many of owners who rent from just one log cabin to an entire development of log cabins.  We’ll be happy to work with you to create the right floor plan to delight your customers.

Whether you want to start small by renting your cabin during certain times of the year or jump in and create your own log cabin development, we have plenty of sizes, shapes and varieties to fit your needs.

Our ENERGY SAVING log cabins will save you money each and every month.  Our precision is unheard of in the industry and the tightness of our construction will amaze you.  Each log cabin is engineered to reduce your energy bill – and with energy costs only going up, our log cabins are much better to own.

Log Cabins make great investment properties and can be rented out year-round to a variety of end users, so call us today to see how easy it is to help make your vacation dreams comes true and put money in your pocket at the same time.

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