How we are Different

We blend old world craftsmanship with modern features:

  • Our desire to please the customer exceeds our interest in profit.
  • Our log cabins are extremely cost competitive.
  • Our log cabins are extremely energy efficient and are the tightest, least expensive log cabin to own, heat and cool.
  • Our log cabins are extremely well made to surprising tolerances.
  • Our log cabins have been modified to fit each customer’s preferences, budget and land.
  • Our log cabins use materials that have been perfected and improved in ways that are unseen in the trade.
  • Our logs come from Certified Sustainable Forests, A National Park Service Standard that is hard to come by.

  • MRLC-13-9

  • Log-Cabins-26
  • Log-Cabins-108
  • MRLC-1-11
  • Log-Cabins-103

How we limit our environmental impact:

  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • EPA Compliant Water Based Stains
  • Logs from US Forest Service Certified Sustainable Forests
  • Extremely efficient “Space Blanket” insulation
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling

Superior Craftsmanship:

We take special care in our craftsmanship to ensure our cabins pass the endurance of time, this has three added benefits:

  1. Very limited impact on your site
  2. Lean manufacturing techniques reduce waste during construction
  3. Cabin’s long life reduces maintenance and replacement of components such as windows, doors, and roof.

Operating Costs and Energy Usage:

  • Tightly Built
  • Radiant Roof Pane
  • Radiant Insulation
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Low Energy Florescent Bulbs

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