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NC Modular Log Homes – Log Cabin Home with Custom Floor Plans

Having an in-law or other family move in can often create tight living spaces and stressed out families, but building a Log Cabin for your new live-in guest is the perfect solution. An in-law log cabin creates a space sized perfectly for mom and dad so that they can have their own living space with plenty of elbow room and you can keep your house as it is.

If your in-laws or other family members have mobility issues, we are committed to create the perfect solutions to accommodate them so that everyone has the peace of mind in knowing their new log cabin home is safe and customized to their needs.

Our ENERGY SAVING log cabins will save you money each and every month.  Our precision is unheard of in the industry and the tightness of our construction will amaze you.  Each log cabin is engineered to reduce your energy bill – and with energy costs only going up, our log cabins are much better to own.

Adding a log cabin to your property is a simple and affordable way to add space to your home without tearing down walls or interrupting your living arrangements. Our log cabins are as small or large as you need and can be customized to complement the design of your current property so that you get all the benefits of added space without putting everyone’s lives on hold for construction or ruining the look of your home.

 We’d love to help you keep your family together, so call us today to see how we can make one of our 70 log cabin floor plans work for you.

Choose Your Modular Log Cabin Home Plan

We make it easy for the customer. MRLC offers a variety of plans that can be downloaded from our website. Once you decide on a plan, we’ll sit down with you and customize the plan to fit your needs. We understand that your land dictates window placement, entry doors, etc.

Remember, all of our homes are solid log cabins and we offer two products lines;

  1. RV Park Model Log Cabins (400 sq.ft or less, living space)

    These are classified as personal property and must be 400 sq. ft or less. A park model type unit that is primarily designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or seasonal use. These typically do not require building permits and have some great tax advantages. Park Model Cabins are built to ANSI codes.

  2. Single Frame Modular Log Homes (800 sq.ft or less, living space)

    These can stay on the frame or be taken off the frame. It’s really up to the customer. We offer these in (3) sizes: 12 wide, 14 wide, or in some states 16 wide. (Case by case). Up to 54 ‘in length.

  3. Double Frame Modular Log Homes (800 sq.ft, living space)


Modular log home construction is currently suspended until further notice


Customize one of our plans according to your needs

We offer a variety of plans to choose from with top notch standard features. We understand you may want to change a faucet, pendant light, or the newest high tech appliance. It’s simple, give us the item number or model number for the item you’ve chosen and we’ll deduct ours out. We do it line by line, so you’re in complete control.

Build And Deliver your Personalized Log Cabin

Once you have purchased land, secured financing, selected your home design and finishes, and have the local zoning/building approvals, it is time to build! Mountain Recreation Log Cabins will construct your home within our controlled factory environment, and then will ship and set the home on your site.

It takes approximately three weeks to build your cabin and we encourage you to watch the entire process from start to finish by logging on to our cabin cam. We give you a personal user ID and Pass code once it hits the plant floor.

During the manufacturing, ship and set process, Mountain Recreation Log Cabins:

  • Confirms foundation connection details with you or your site contractor.
  • Details factory production drawings for the factory building process.
  • Maps the plan for shipping the home to your site.
  • Manufactures your custom cabin to get ready for shipping.
  • Manages shipping, site work and finishing your cabin.

How Our Delivery Works

Mountain Recreation Log Cabins ships each home on a custom steel framed trailer. Our team then unfolds (if necessary) and sets the home on site. This narrow, simple shipping technique is a key advantage for MRLC, allowing us to deliver too many more sites than traditional modular homes, and to have wider, more open spaces with higher ceilings. If it’s an off-frame modular, a crane is required to install the home onto the foundation.

Our Included Services

All our cabins are “Turn-Key”.  They include, heating and air conditioning, appliances and light fixtures.  Our price does not include delivery or site work but we can provide important information to help our customers have that done. We build a completed log cabin ready to hook up to your site. Any other services are case by case. The customer is responsible for applying for building permits and coordinating site work such as foundations, utilities, etc.

* (Features & Prices subject to change without notice)